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NetOptima Pornography filter now available for ISP


Is your network free from pornography?

Pornography is one of the biggest distractions from work. It creates havoc in team dynamics. Inefficiency creeps into the organization without you realizing it. Unconscious obsession with pornography leads to loss of concentration, fall in productivity & efficiency and monetary implications for corporate.

Until now, there are no viable technical solutions available for effective pornography blocking at the gateway.

Network administrators have tough time setting up keywords and URLs for blocking pornography, which is not the effective way of filtering pornography. There is a huge overhead of managing the keywords & URLs all the time.

NetOptima Professional stops pornography before it enters your network. Easy to install and administer, NetOptima Professional is the right choice for any network which is connected to Internet. No software to be installed in each computer in the network.

Filter pornography before it enters your network. More

Home Edition
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Professional Edition
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     Blocks pornography
     99.9% Accurate
     Server implementation
    Domain Filter
     URL Log
     Statistical filtering
    Pattern matching
    Very fast searching
     Configurable filter
     P2P Blocking
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