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NetOptima is an internet Pornography Filter Software. NetOptima filters Internet to ensure it is free of offensive pornography.

Internet filtering software is installed on gateway computer that will filter pornography on all computers connected to the server.


Internet pornography filter software

Makers of parental control software running on home computer have projected their product as internet filter software.True internet filter software, however, filters traffic sitting at gateway server.

NetOptima works at network level. Installing NetOptima on gateway computer ensures that all computers connected through the server are filtered.

NetOptima is a statistical pornography filter and uses pattern matching for increasing accuracy of the core filter.

NetOptima filters all pornographic content whether it is websites, emails, blogs or community/networking websites. NetOptima will also filter pornographic content in community websites such as Orkut, Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups, etc. NetOptima, however, will not block the entire domain. NetOptima filters only those web pages that might contain pornographic content.

NetOptima statistically analyses the content to determine the probability of given content being pornography.

This technology, in NetOptima, clearly segregates between pornographic content and non-pornographic content.

While pornographic websites are definitely blocked, the users can still view educational and news sites.

NetOptima neither stores domain names nor blocks websites based only on keywords.

NetOptima uses intelligent algorithms to calculate the probability of a web page being pornographic.

NetOptima uses patented (pending) algorithms to statistically identify the document based on various characteristics of the page like number of links, number of external links, number of images, critical area rating, document rating, pattern matching probabilities etc., in addition to keyword distribution, frequency & multiword patterns.

This technology is unlike other software which store keywords and domain names / URL to identify pornography traffic.

Proof: NetOptima is less than 5 MB including help files and graphics. Some internet filtering software (so called) are 60+ MB. Yet NetOptima is more efficient and accurate than others.

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Filter pornography before it enters your network

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