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  Pornography now generates more annual income than all three major professional sports combined, "and causes as well the world's fastest growing addiction," San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederaur Concentrate on the damage pornography does to the human dignity and the sexuality of its victims.  

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NetOptima Professional

NetOptima Pro is Pornography filter software which blocks pornography before it enters your network. There is no software to be installed on individual computers.

NetOptima Pro scans every packet that enters and leaves the network and analyzes which connection contains pornographic content and blocks the connection. It can handle 100s of computers in the network thanks to its advanced statistical filtering module.


You can adjust the filter strength to ensure required level of pornography filter. NetOptima Pro comes with optimal factory settings which suit most cases. NetOptima Pro is intelligent to differentiate between educational content and pornographic content. For example, a wikipedia page for pornography is not filtered without dealing wikipedia separately. NetOptima Pro also has domain filtering wherein you can specify specific domains to be allowed / blocked.

NetOptima – Professional


Pornography is as much dangerous to organisations and professionals as it is to students. Pornography at this level has deeper implications than at any other level. There are not only social but also psychological and monetary issues.

Loss of concentration:

The first and foremost effect of pornography is that of loss in concentration. In today’s world of cutthroat competition, professionals need lot of focus and concentration. Any let up in the standards and you lose some brownie points to your colleague or junior.

When people start accessing pornography there focus does shift from work. Every time they start working, they get a feeling of opening such websites and browsing through them. This feeling is very dangerous as it could affect the prospects of any professional.

Unconscious obsession with pornography:

The mind of the person goes back to such websites often. He spends lot of time in watching such sites. And then he starts missing deadlines of his work. Subsequently he starts compromising on the quality of his work to adjust to the deadlines

Fall in productivity and efficiency:

Once a professional starts making compromises in his quality of work, his fall is eminent. His lopsided behaviour and work ethics make him an outcast from the point of view of his seniors. He is no more given any challenging assignment or some work that requires high levels of concentration and focus. With the person being out of favour, he gets depressed and this affects whatever efficiency is left in him. Thus, a thing that starts as a one-time affair severely affects the career of a professional.

Monetary implications for corporate:

Organizations spend millions of dollars every year to buy high bandwidth for their employees. However, when employees use internet to access pornography more than other useful things, the intent of providing internet access is abused.

This loss is less as compared to the loss that the company suffers when some of the good employees get obsessed with pornography. Organisations not only lose good resources, but also their overall productivity and efficiency goes down seriously affecting the growth prospects.

Install NetOptima in your office and keep pornography away from your premises.

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     Blocks pornography
     99.9% Accurate
     Server implementation
    Domain Filter
     URL Log
     Statistical filtering
    Pattern matching
    Very fast searching
     Configurable filter
     P2P Blocking
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