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  Pornography causes the world's fastest growing addiction" San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederaur  

NetOptima vs others

Refer to IEEE publication in late 2004
Statistical and structural approaches to filtering Internet pornography

In this document, the author mentions that existing technologies are inadequate for filtering pornography content. Keyword matching and database of domains / URLs is not accurate filtering technique. Structural and statistical analysis could lead to higher accuracy.

6 months before this publication, Drishti has started its R&D in this direction and in May 2007 we have successfully built the NetOptima core engine capable of structural analysis (pattern matching) and statistical analysis.

Refer to Classification of Content Filters, NetOptima Features

These documents specify the difference between the approaches of existing products and NetOptima.

Importance of searching: For identifying patterns in a document / connection and to do statistical study the searching algorithms play an important role. Drishti's research initiatives in this direction have yielded results in a spectacular way.

The resultant engine is extremely small and consumes very little resources. Hence Server implementation of NetOptima technology is feasible.

Refer to comparative chart from NetNanny


Source :

None of the companies mentioned there have server based implementation technology available. Hence we have decided that it is futile having a feature to feature comparison chart with other products.

To test NetOptima technology download NetOptima Professional and test drive the technology.

Drawbacks of traditional technologies include annual subscription. Since companies need to maintain the database of keywords, URLs / domains, they need regular subscription to keep going. NetOptima does not need to upgrade URLs / domains. Hence no regular subscriptions for NetOptima.

There are some solutions available for server based pornography filter. But they require software to be installed on each computer. They just pool up reports in a central server for easy administration. see guardware

NetOptima, thus, opens up a new era in content filtering with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Transparent pornography filtering in a network with speed and accuracy is a network administrators dream. With NetOptima, it comes true.

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     Blocks pornography
     99.9% Accurate
     Server implementation
    Domain Filter
     URL Log
     Statistical filtering
    Pattern matching
    Very fast searching
     Configurable filter
     P2P Blocking
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