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About NetOptima

The explosive increase in the accessibility and availability of pornography is new and deeply troubling. Pornography is now way beyond a problem with films and magazines. Every computer terminal is its pipeline, many of them marketed to children and young people, literally deliver pornography everywhere, to anyone. Pornography leads further into human loneliness and low self-esteem, into a fantasy world, away from the real world of real people in relationship

NetOptima is the world’s first statistical pornographic filter with pattern matching algorithms. It is also the most accurate and fast. NetOptima ensures that your network is always kept clean of pornography.

Is your network free from pornography?

Pornography is one of the biggest distractions from work. It creates havoc in team dynamics. Inefficiency creeps into the organization without you realizing it. Unconscious obsession with pornography leads to loss of concentration, fall in productivity & efficiency and monetary implications for corporate.

Until now, there are no viable technical solutions available for effective pornography blocking at the gateway.

Network administrators have tough time setting up keywords and URLs for blocking pornography, which is not the effective way of filtering pornography. There is a huge overhead of managing the keywords & URLs all the time.

NetOptima Professional stops pornography before it enters your network. Easy to install and administer, NetOptima Professional is the right choice for any network which is connected to Internet. No software to be installed in each computer in the network.

Filter pornography before it enters your network.

NetOptima Key Features

Blocks pornography

  • NetOptima filters all pornographic content whether it is websites, emails, blogs or community/networking websites.
  • NetOptima, while filtering pornography, allows content in news and education.
  • NetOptima will also filter pornographic content in community websites such as Orkut, Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups, etc.
  • NetOptima, however, will not block the entire domain. NetOptima filters only those web pages that might contain pornographic content.

99.9% Accurate

  • NetOptima is up to 99.9% accurate. 999 out 1000 times it will filter websites which have high probability of being pornographic.

Server implementation

  • NetOptima Pro can be installed on a server.
  • All computers connected through the server are filtered for pornography
  • No software to be installed on individual computers.
  • Supports upto 1000 computers on P IV server with 2 GB RAM.

Domain Filter

  • Domains can be explicitly blocked/allowed using domain filter.
  • Unwanted websites can be blocked by providing the domain name in domain filter
  • This function overrides the pornography filter filtering.


  • Logs all domains visited by users.
  • Time and IP address are recorded.
  • Can be imported into Excel.

Statistical Filtering

  • NetOptima statistically analyses the content to determine the probability of given content being pornography.
  • This technology, in NetOptima, clearly segregates between pornographic content and non-pornographic content.
  • While pornographic websites are definitely blocked, the users can still view educational and news sites.
  • NetOptima neither stores domain names nor blocks websites based only on keywords.
  • NetOptima uses intelligent algorithms to calculate the probability of a web page being pornographic.
  • NetOptima uses patented (pending) algorithms to statistically identify the document based on various characteristics of the page like number of links, number of external links, number of images, critical area rating, document rating, pattern matching probabilities etc., in addition to keyword distribution, frequency & multiword patterns.

Intelligent Algorithm: Pattern Matching

  • NetOptima uses the intelligent technique of pattern matching to analyze the web content. The research team at Drishti created a database of patterns to determine the nature of the content.
  • All the data passing through NetOptima is compared to these patterns to unearth similar patterns. The number of similar patterns found contributes to the probability of the web page being pornographic.
  • This intelligent technique correctly identifies pornographic and non-pornographic content.

Fastest Searching

  • Above technique of analyzing the data to find out patterns in the data is power intensive. A simple searching technique would require huge computing resources.
  • NetOptima has one of the fastest search algorithms capable of making 25 million searches in 2.3 seconds.
  • This search is very efficient and consumes minimal computing resources.

Configurable Pornography filter

  • NetOptima comes with best suited factory settings. • Can be altered to allow blocked websites.

P2P Blocking

  • Peer to peer is one of the sources of pornographic content. • NetOptima blocks majority of peer to peer traffic.
  • eDonkey, eMule, KaZaA, FastTrack, Gnutella, Direct Connect, BitTorrent, Extended BT, SoulSeek are blocked by NetOptima


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