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Domain Filtering

This feature allows blocking of desired sites of your choice in addition to the pornographic blocking. Administrator can block any particular site on the entire network. Multiple domians can also be blocked using this feature.

Clicking on to view the below shown screen

enter website of you choice, for instance to block orkut, type "www.orkut.com".

Select Block for blocking the site.

Then Click to Block the selected site.
Then the Screen as shown below appears.

On Double clicking on any Blocked domain name, it can be deleted as shown below

Click 'Yes' to Delete
Click 'No' not to Delete

Select Allow for allowing the site

Click to Allow the selected site.
The Below Screen Appears

On Double clicking on any Allow domain name, it can be deleted as shown below

Click 'Yes' to Delete
Click 'No' not to Delete

this will allow only the list that is in the Allow List, all the other Sites will be blocked.
If it is in Block mode then other than the sites that are in the block list will be allowed.

Click to go to Html Help

Clcik to go to Settings screen

There is an advance feature called "Advance" which helps the Password Holder on the above feature.
There are three features


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