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NetOptima Professional Implementation Guide

This implementation guide refers to implementation of NetOptima Professional.

It is strongly recommended to use Windows XP for NetOptima Professional.

Summary: NetOptima engine on windows works at kernel level. The traffic must pass through the kernel for the packets to be filtered. In particular, following situations are fully supported.

Windows computer with NetOptima installed being

  • Gateway to the network being filtered.
  • Proxy server to the network being filtered
  • Transparent bridge to the network being filtered.
  • En-route to the network being filtered.

Gateway: In this scenario Windows computer with NetOptima installed is the gateway to the network being filtered. The NetOptima computer in turn has route to Internet. This is true if the IP address provided by the ISP is assigned to the windows computer with NAT (Internet connection sharing) being enabled on this computer. Typically, but not necessarily, local network is assigned as gateway.

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Proxy server: Several networks use a windows based proxy server. In this scenario, computer connected to Internet has a proxy server (like WinProxy) installed on the computer. Just install NetOptima on the Windows proxy server to filter the network being served by the computer.

Transparent bridge or simply Network Bridge combines two or more local area networks into one logical network. In this scenario, the network topology is not changed. The windows computer installed with NetOptima is introduced just before the router (gateway) with network bridging enabled to filter the entire network served by the router.

Note: In some of the Ethernet transparent bridge implementations, the packets do not traverse through the kernel. Hence cannot be filtered through NetOptima.

This implementation of NetOptima is used when you have specialized hardware (like Cisco router) as gateway and do not wish to change that.

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En-route to the Internet: In this scenario, the windows computer is a gateway but the network is reached through another network. Installing NetOptima on this computer will also filter traffic being served by the computer. If you are not a network professional and do not understand this, use any of the previous situations as the network design is complex in this case.


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