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Effects on children

Pornography is one of the worst distractors to today’s children. The severity of the problem is increasing due to the growing exposure of children to TV and internet. Children, who at an innocent stage in life should be playing sports and getting behavioural training from their parents and teachers, when exposed to pornography, get a completely unrealistic view of life. The typical issues associated with children and pornography are illustrated below:

The reason to access pornography may not always be deliberate, small kids might come across such websites accidentally. But once such websites are opened, their curiosity about the subject grows. They try to find more and more of such sites and material. If not stopped at this stage, the situation becomes potentially dangerous. Curiosity might lead to habit and this habit might eventually turn into obsession.

(Mis) guiding by friends/peers:
Access to information through internet is important for kids. It helps them learn and understand new things about art, literature, science and craft. However, this access to information should be under careful guidance and supervision of elders. Unfortunately, in today’s world everyone is busy with their own responsibilities and goals. With both the parents working, they do not always have time to guide their children and supervise their activities.
Under such circumstances, it is the friends group, which has maximum influence. If one kid access pornographic website at home or outside, he shares the information with others. Then everyone starts accessing such sites and their minds start getting influenced. You cannot block, and are advised by child psychologists not to block, the influence of friends on your kids, but can you definitely block pornography.

Half knowledge:
When access to information is provided to kids in unsupervised conditions, parents cannot be sure about the level of understanding that their children have developed about any subject.

Children access internet and read stories, news articles and other material, which helps them to learn new things. However, sometimes they might also access pornographic websites. Stories or news articles may not be biased but pornographic websites are definitely skewed in their portrayal of sex. It is represented in a psychotic and explicit manner. This exposure to the unnatural portrayal of sex means that children grow up with only half the knowledge. And such half knowledge is always dangerous. Especially, in case of growing children.

Disturbed Social development:
The early years of life is time when we learn new mannerisms, respect, love and other important behavioural aspects that shape the foundation of our social development. A framework is created in our mind in which new experience get added and the jigsaw about life starts falling in place.

But with exposure to skewed and wrong notions of human relations, there is a possibility that a child develops a wrong framework in his mind. These misplaced perceptions might shatter the social growth of a child. He/she might become an extreme introvert or ill behaved.

View about life and relations:
A child learns to handle relations from the very early age. His closest relatives are his mother and brother/sister. But over a period of time, he starts giving his friends, girls or boys, an equal importance. This is a very healthy development and it means that the child understands the importance of different relations.
However, a child exposed to pornography and in a disturbed state of mind might not grow in a normal manner. The framework of relations and friendship is disturbed. He/she does not understand the sanctity of the relations. And such kids might retort to immoral activities inside/outside the school.

The overall effects of pornography, be it kids, students, boys/girls or professionals, are quite serious to be ignored. A well thought strategy to tackle this problem is the need of the hour


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